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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of flavors do you have? 
Lots of good one :) Check out my flavors page and get ready to drool! 

My wedding is in two weeks and you are my first pick! Can you fit me in?

Congrats! Unfortunately, I am booked out months ahead of time. However, I can send you recommendations of other bakers in the Valley that I trust. 

I saw that you were booked on my date, are you sure?

I am very diligent on keeping my calendar up to date so that people know exactly my open dates. I wish there were more than one of me, but for now there's not. I do hear that human cloning is being tested in remote parts of the world ;) I may look into it.


When should I book you to do my cake?
The sooner the better to ensure I am available. I limit the cakes I do because I am a custom bakery. Most weddings are booked 9-12 months ahead of times and some birthdays are booked even 6-9 months out. Summer is definitely the most busy time of the year, so the sooner you know when you need a cake, the better. 


How do you price your cakes?
My cakes are priced per serving and increases with flavor choices and design. For example, a cake that is $5 a serving with 100 servings, would be $500. 


Do you do taste testings?
Absolutely! But only for wedding cakes with a minimum of 75 servings. 


Can I visit your bakery to buy a last minute cake?

I do not have a store front. I do everything in my custom kitchen far out in the Mountains of Montana where my secret family recipes are safe from the public ;)

How do your cakes taste?

I've been told I cook with angel tears of happiness. I am not sure if that's so accurate, but I do use only the best ingredients and I've heard that leftovers are generally fought over if indeed there is any cake left. 

Can I choose more than one flavor?

For sure! You can do each layer a different flavor if you'd like. 

I hate fondant, do I have to use it? 
Yes and no and yes ;) First of all, I use a really tasty fondant. It's made fondant haters into lovers. There are definitely other options. I can even make buttecream so smooth that is looks like fondant. But the key word to buttercream is butter. And we all know that butter melts. So depending on the environment of your event, we may need to talk about how some options are better than others. We'll figure it out together! 

What do you charge for delivery?
Delivery is in included for the Flathead Valley. Outside of that area is $2 a mile round trip. 

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