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Since all of our cakes are unique, and customized to you, we do not have set prices. Cakes are priced according to several different criteria. Our base prices per slice can give you a general idea of the the estimated starting price of your cake.


The base price includes the layered cake with choice of filling and frosting, and very simple decoration. Other factors that add to the price include cake sculpting, cake construction, fondant and gumpaste decorations, detailed piping, painting, airbrushing, or other time consuming design elements, and delivery.


Price estimates will be provided when orders are placed, but final prices are usually not set until closer to the delivery date and are subject to change if necessary to compensate for unexpected time or level of difficulty. All cakes over $100.00 must be paid in full prior to the delivery date or the order may be cancelled.  In addition, please note that I have a non-compete/sole proprietor clause in all my contracts.  I will not provide cake and/or desserts if there are additional desserts that I did not personally make.  There is exceptions for treats I do not offer such as ice cream and donuts.


Consultations and tastings are available for cakes comprised of 75 servings or more.


Base Prices:    Buttercream Cakes:  Start at $5.00/slice for a single tier
                        Fondant Cakes:  Start at $6.00/slice for a single tier
                        Cupcakes:  Start at $3.25/regular, $3.50/filled 
                        Cookies:   Start at $2.00/inch

Dessert Bars:  Please contact for pricing

To-Go Tasting Boxes:  $30.00.  Includes 4 different cake, 4 different fillings and all icing options.

Kitchen Cakes are available for orders over 100 servings

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